Programme 2017

Shine 2017 Programme Issue 3 Members’ Copy Date Event Organiser 
09.01 Welcome back plus making music with the Shine Orchestra Mandy + our vols. 
16.01 Spin art and pyrography with our vols. Handing out show DVDs Frank + our vols
23.01 Bingo – fun and prizes Jeff + our vols 30.0 1 We enjoy an evening with a magician Ian Davies Ian + our vols. 

06.02 Making Valentine cards & presents for the 14th February. All our vols. 
13.02 We celebrate our 10th anniversary with food + disco evening Mandy/Jen + our vols. 
20.02 Didgeridoo evening with Layton. Layton + all our vols 
27.02 The Biddulph Ukulele Group Biddulph Ukulele Group 

06.03 A visit from Gentleshaw Birds of Prey and Wildlife Centre Wildlife Centre team. 
13.03 Enjoy our cooking evening making sweets and tiffin Frank + our vols.. 
20.03 Making Mothers’ Day cards and jewellery for the 26th March All our vols. 
27.03 Balloon sculpture with Alan of Snaggers Alan + all our vols. 

03.04 Making Easter cards and decorating a basket for your Easter egg with Jenny (Committee Meeting) Jenny + all our vols.
10.04 Decorating your own Easter egg (to eat!) with Jenny Jenny + all our vols. 
17.04 Closed for Easter bank holiday 
25.04 Strut your stuff, sing up – sing loud! Karaoke evening Mandy + our vols 

01.05 Closed for May Day bank holiday 
08.05 Craft evening Kirsty + our vols. 
15.05 Making a large fruit salad and finding out where the fruits come from + more food. Jenny + our vols 
22.05 Portrait evening – loads of selfies and camera shots. (Committee Meeting) Frank + our vols 29.05 Closed for Whit bank holiday 

05.06 Eating out at a restaurant of your choice organised by Jenny Jenny + all our vols. 
12.06 Making Fathers’ Day presents and cards for the 18th June . All our vols. 
19.06 Mad Olympics with our vols. Mandi + our vols. Saturday 
24​ th​ June ​The Charity Gospel Choir do a fund raising concert for Shine - Held at the Bridge Centre in Birches Head. Everybody welcome. Please support the choir. Please buy tickets when available 
26.06 Bingo – fun and prizes Jeff + our vols 03.0 7 Fitness dancing to music. Kate + all our vols. 

10.07 Summer party with food + disco All our vols. 

Summer break 

04.09 Catching up on the news after the break + Nail Art with Mandi and friends Mandi + all our vols.
11.09 We enjoy a visit from the Fire Brigade Fire brigade.. 18.0 9 An evening with Laura Laura + all our vols.
25.09 Making silk scarves with Amy Amy + all our vols. ​
02.10 TBA (Committee Meeting) 
09.10 Drumming with Art Brasil 16.1 0 Craft evening + rehearsing for the ‘Happy Times Show’ Mandy/Jen + all our vols. 
23.10 Rehearsing for the ‘Happy Times Show’ + making Halloween decorations. Mandy/Jen + all our vols.
30.10 Halloween party with food and disco plus entertainment by the club members. All our vols + members 

06.11. Rehearsing for the ‘Happy Times Show’+ making wooden snowmen with Frank Frank + all our vols. 
13.11 Making Christmas presents with Norman + our vols. Rehearsing for the ‘Happy Times Show’ Norman + all our vols. 
20.11 * Rehearsing for the ‘Happy Times Show’ + making Christmas cards. Mandy/Jen + all our vols. 
27.11 We all go out for a Xmas meal! Jenny + all our vols

04.12 Shine presents – the ‘Happy Times Show’ attended by the community, parents, relatives and carers. Filmed by ? Mandy/Jen + all our vols and choir. 
11.12 Shine Christmas party + disco+ Santa All our vols + mem